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Pro-Education Academy New Way of learning

New Voice Has Arisen, For Helping People With Disabilities Get The Jobs and Education They Deserve

How a voice user interface with virtual assistant capabilities is helping Pro-Education Academy deliver tier one education to the underserved.

Pro Education Academy has partnered with speak2web to eliminate the barriers people with disabilities face in acquiring a high-quality education. speak2web is delivering its Conversational AI platform, Simon, to help students gain faster access to accounts, portals, content, collaboration, and VR based interactive experiences. Our students will be able to interact and engage with both each other and our learning environment without language barriers. This innovation also uses 24/7 virtual instructors with direct access to all the knowledge contained in our virtual library. {play}

Engage People With Disabilities with increased Online Presence

Voice as a user interface has grown in popularity over the past decade. Almost three in four homes own a smart speaker and over half of all web searches are done with voice. speak2web is the first and only company to bring true Conversational AI technology to websites and apps that can be seamlessly integrated across services and data sources. Our students will now have advantages in learning that others do not; with the ability to articulate what they want or need to know with instant access to results. {play}

Sophie Deist

Why did we chose "Simon" as our virtual assistant?

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