BTEC Unit 2 Finance For Business Test 1 (Initial Prep)

The test is to help you overcome the difficulties and obstacles that you might face during a real exam or assessment.
  • The aim is to get you to know how to handle any challenging questions.
  • During this test the answers will be displayed for you if you click on the check button.
  • Your results will also be displayed at the end of the test.
  • When you take the test again, the questions will be selected randomly.
ALI · September 29, 2019




  • This is your first step in your preparation for a real test or exam.
  • You have an unlimited number of attempts, so that you can offer to make mistakes. No problem. Keep trying.
  • The more you practise, the more familiar you become with the test questions. This will help to boost your confidence.
  • As you have a limited time on your real test, we advise you to develop a workable time management strategy.

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    Click in the play arrow, the video will start , if you want the next video just click in the side arrow to move forwards or backwards. if you want to exist click in the X in the top of the video box.

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