GCSE English Literature AQA- A Christmas Carol

This engaging , easy to understand and comprehensive course provides everything you need to know to pass this section of the examination with flying colours. It provides: 
  • Key contextual (background) information.
  • A detailed analysis of Scrooge’s character.
  • Detailed analysis of all key events.
  • A full explanation of how to analyse the writer’s use of language.
  • Model answers to examination questions.
  • A list of key quotations to learn.
  • An easy way to understand how to embed quotations.
  • Sample answers at levels 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  • Extensive examination practice questions and model answers.
Ankhara · December 20, 2019


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  • GCSE English Literature and Language are core GCSES which all students have to take and are expected to pass.
  • Few schools are able to offer enough lesson time to be able to cover exam texts in sufficient detail to enable students to access the higher grades.
  • Most classes are too large to allow students to get the attention they need.
  • Most teachers don’t have time to produce the model answers which are critical to success.
  • The novella is presented in an easy to understand and engaging illustrated format which makes study enjoyable and key information easy to remember.
  • The end of chapter tests will ensure you remember the important information with ease.

The detailed examples and explanations will ensure you can confidently respond to extracts and write about Dickens’ use of language.

  • Important Note:

You will find the course content for this course, bellow the similar courses section.


In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to fully address the assessment objectives for  AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2, at level 5 and above  for the questions on  “A Christmas Carol”. The skills covered include being able to:

AO1     Respond to the text and provide evidence for your responses

A02      Analyse in detail the writer’s use of language

A03      Write about key contextual issues.


Is to ensure that students:

  • Develop a detailed knowledge of the key events in “A Christmas Carol”.
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the transformation which takes place in Scrooge’s character.
  • Understand and be able to write about the key contextual issues i.e. the events in Dicken’s life which influenced his political ideas, why Dickens wrote the novella, the key social issues of the Victorian era which were reflected in the novella and the key historic events which had the greatest impact on Victorian society.
  • understand and be able to write about the key themes in the novella.
  • are able to respond to extracts from the text and comment on the key ideas.
  • are able to analyse in detail the language use by Dickens.
  • understand how to answer examination questions and secure the higher grades.

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Chapter 1.The Context

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