What Is In The DL


What Can I Find Here?

When you log in, you will find all the necessary information in  My Digital Library, also you will find technical help in a form of manuals and guides on how to use our website, and finally, free materials to help you during your studying time, such as e-books, publication, articles, templates, diagrams, audio and video recordings, presentations, free assessment or test activities and magazines.

What Can In my E-Store?

You can also purchase more learning materials from our E-Store.

What Is Here For Me

In Short, All In One.

Student information

Information regarding your studies, our policies, our forms.

How to use our website

Information on how to use our website for your studies or shopping.

Planning Tools

How to plan your studies, our free templates to help you plan better.

Help & Guidance

​All your E-learning guides and manuals, also how to use My Dashboard and My Notes.

Our Free Resources

Our resources in a Pdf, Power point, Word Docs, Excel, Audio and Video formats .  

​​Open access

Access to purchase extra learning materials and free digital Library.

Welcome to Our Website

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